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There's something about maturity that leads to a more open and satisfied state of mind, maybe that's why the mature swinger grouping makes up a large majority of swingers that are found within the swinging lifesyle, and why you can find loads of mature swingers right here, right now looking to make contact with you!

It's not really supprising that we see so many 'mature' and 'older' swingers, after all, during our earlier years we never seem to be happy with our bodies, or comfortable within them, whereas, as we grow older, we kinda get used to what we have and accept that this is us and people can take us as they find us!

But just what is a mature swinger, and what or who dictates when we should fall into the genre. Well, it seems that typically once we hit 40 we lose the monicar of being a young swinger and start being reffered to as mature, not really 100% sure at what age mature becomes older, but having looked at thousands of adverts over the years, it seems that late 50's and early 60's is when the term old and older starts appearing in our profiles.

But this is the best part, as we get older and more comfortable in our bodies, we also become less inhibited, and that means only one thing, lots of more horny mature women and older men on the scene that have years of sexual experience and are looking to share it. This is great not only for other swingers in this age group, but also for those younger couples that are looking to meet up with more mature couples for sexy fun and games.

Coupleup50 - Bedfordshire - We don't just talk a good swing meet, we are a good meet - we are the real deal.

Just thought we'd get that one out of the way as over the years we've found a lot of people that talk themselves up in chatrooms and emails, but when it comes to meeting, they bottle out very quickly, so i guess that makes us different as we actually do want to meet people lol

We will (and have) try anything at least once(and sometimes twice) to see if we like it! Male (52) is straight but comfortable around other males . Female (50) is bi and particularly likes to play with bi ladies but this is not essential (she likes a good man too).

As already said, we do actually want to meet couples, bi females and even single blokes if they know what to do with bits. We're not looking for supermodels but there does have to be some kind of attraction as we're sure you'll appreciate.

Quite simply we're looking to meet other people, whether they be younger or slightly older to have lots of fun with. We have plent of expereince and can guarantee that you'll have a great time with us, we don't have any hangups either so give us a try....>> more

What are you waiting for? We have literally thousands of mature swingers and older swingers all looking to make contact with genuine swinging couples and single now, just hit the join banner and you could be making contact within minutes.

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